Analytics Audit

We verify the quality of the implemented analytical solution - Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics.

We check the correctness and scope of collected data. We indicate what and how to improve, so that your analytical system is more profit oriented.

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Analytics Audit

Analytics Implementation

Implementation of solutions: Web Analytics, Data Visualization, Click Tracking and A/B Testing.

We implement Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics solutions together with Tag Managers. We also implement Click Tracking and A/B testing solutions. We do this in accordance with the best business and data security practices.

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Reporting and Data Visualization

We build a system of analysis, visualization and recommendations, based on analytical data from web tracking.

We analyze and combine various data, visualize this data and formulate business recommendations that support the development of your website.

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Job Lease

Employee leasing - you can hire our data analyst

An experienced online analyst can join your project at any time. Attractive and simple billing model. Value added guarantee for your business.

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Other needs or questions?

If you need other type of analytics services or you have additional questions, please feel welcome to contact with our consultant via email, livechat or telephone.

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