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Do you need to hire analyst ready to join your team today?
We offer leasing services of Data Analysts to join your project team. Use our hire-calculator and enjoy the new employee in your project team.

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Our analyst is working in your project immediately

Keep it simple - this is how we understand Job Leasing. Maximum benefits for you and minimum bureaucracy and HR efforts.

Calculate the rate and hire an analyst:

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Why leasing?

  • An experienced and educated analyst ready to work from today
  • You focus on the task and your needs. Formalities are on our side
  • You do not have to pay for implementation and learning costs
  • You use support, resources and our entire experience
  • Opportunity for short-term and long-term cooperation

Our consultants worked for:

Cut2Code Their way of thinking and attitude towards projects are truly impressive. After we had implemented their recommendations, the conversion increased by 8%! Greg Founder, Cut2Code
Koda Bots It was a pleasure to work with such professionals. We have saved a lot of money thanks to their help with optimization and campaign analysis Mariusz Creative Director, Koda Bots
Bebeli I really appreciate their work and surely will continue this cooperation. They prepared fully professional audit with clear conclusions and next-steps recommendations Kamil e-commerce Manager, Bebeli
Newsweek Excellent technical and business knowledge, the ability to present complex issues in an easy and understandable way. Awesome cooperation Marta Project Manager, Newsweek

Other needs or questions?

If you need other type of analytics services or you have additional questions, please feel welcome to contact with our consultant via email, livechat or telephone.

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