You have heard of momentary segments but you are still not sure how to use it at your work? Let me help you! It is easier than you think!

One of the main advantages of Analysis Workspace is the ability to create quick sets and comparisons between different data. Moreover, a “good” comparison of data is the comparison of data among others in the context of segments that contain a set of similar data with the same denominator.

Therefore, workspace allows you to create “momentary” segments that will only appear in our report. However, it will not appear in the main list of all segments. This is very convenient. Because we often need to filter out data based on a single-use segment, needed only at a given moment or for experimental purposes. As a result, that is how we can benefit from momentary segments!

Momentary Segments – Short Instruction

How to operate such segments? This is shown in the Adobe instructional video:

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