Google has launched the “community connectors” gallery for Google Data Studio. It is a gallery containing plugins that allow easy connection of Data Studio with an external company’s service (external data source). This combination allows us to visualize in Google Studio data coming not only from Google products, but from any other product that generates a data set. In addition, there are many various usage of that application.

Google Data Studio is moving towards a universal data visualization tool. Moreover, it is in a sense similar to competing products such as Tableau and Qlik.

Data Studio is Free and Community Connectors are Free to Develop

Open Data for Everyone

Help bring Data Studio users free and easy access to public and open data sets around the world.

Leverage Data Studio as a Reporting Platform for Your Customers

Provide significant value to your customers by building a Data Studio Community Connector. Certainly, with a minimal development investment you can rely on Data Studio as a free and powerful reporting and analysis solution for your customers.

That is to say, you can build, deploy and distribute connectors for free. Therefore, you and your users can use the connectors for free in Data Studio

In the gallery, we will see interfaces (connectors) to the data provided by Facebook or Microsoft Bing.

Then, the Community Connectors gallery is available at the following url:

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