Explorer – New tool

Explorer is a new tool that aims to help you find insights faster. Although, the feature is currently an early stage of Labs, you can already see its potential. Above all, the tool facilitates editing, filtering and viewing your data visualizations.

The tool lets you examine your data using a single chart. You can easily switch between the same visualizations available in a report. All of the options available in reporting are also available in the Explorer.

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Why It Is Useful

If you are familiar with the process of creating reports in Tableau, you know how useful this update is. From now on, you can access the tool from the main page or from any of your reports. Then you can start exploring your data without modifying your dashboard. It makes work of data analyst a lot easier!

New Google Data Studio tool is being released gradually. So you can expect it to change and improve rapidly. Probably, soon we all will use it on a day-to-day basis. Let us know how you like this new feature.

You can find more information about the Google Data Studio Explorer here.

If you are new to Google Data Studio, check out our little introduction to it!