Data Talks. Data Visualization on Wearable Devices

While enjoying Make Over Monday challenge, we have prepared another visualization. This time it is on wearable devices!

So, today we answer the question:

Which body parts are we attaching computers to?

Above all, wearable technology, wearables are smart electronic devices that we incorporate into clothing or wear on the body as implants or accessories

We have various types of wearable technologies and here are six of them you should know about:
  • Implantables. 
  • Smartwatches.
  • Smart Jewellery.
  • Fitness Trackers.
  • Smart Clothing.
  • Head-Mounted Displays.

Therefore, you probably thought of wrist first but there is more body parts that allow us to wear ‘computers’. It is popular in fitness and lifestyle categories.

Then, you can have them at your head, waist, chest, neck, and even your torso. Though the most rarely we have on our feet! So are you surprised? I was!

We wear portable devices on our head mostly for entertainment. While, we attach them to our waist mostly for lifestyle, fitness but also medical reasons. Though, the purpose of wearing any device on our chest is declared as fitness, medical and entertainment categories.

However, our beloved pets use mostly computers on their necks!

You can find full visualization on Tableau Public profile.

You can see embedded visualization on Tableau Public:

Visualization credits:

  • Data source: & .
  • Originally visualization was prepared for #MakeOverMonday event.
  • I used: Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep.

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