Data Talks. Medicines Export Data Visualization

In today’s data visualization, we pay attention to medicines’ market. We check who is a key player in world medicines export market.

The largest exporters are Germany and Switzerland. In the result, they are responsible for 26%  of global export of medicines. Though, the next key player is Belgium that is responsible for 9% global export. But France is also high in the ranking with the score of 8%.

Then, the United Stated of America and the United Kingdom are responsible for 14% of export of medicines (7% each). Ireland and Italy, each of them export 6% of global medicines. Though the Netherlands export 5% of global medicines and India is responsible for 3% of them. Spain exports also 3% of global medicines.

Canada, Sweden and Austria hold 6% of the export together. In other words, each of the countries is responsible of 2% of the global export. Though the next countries in the ranking are Singapore, Israel, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Czechia, China, Slovenia, Japan, Panama, Australia. In short, each of them is responsible for 1% of the global export. So we can see that many countries are the key players in the medicine market.

You can see full visualization on Tableau Public profile.

Take a look at embedded visualization on Tableau Public:

Visualization Credits

  • Data source: &
  • Originally visualization was prepared for #MakeOverMonday event.
  • Tools I used: Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep.

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