Data Talks. Female Workers in NIKE Factories Data Visualization

Female workers in NIKE’s factories is our today’s topic of data visualization. Using Tableau we pay attention to data which describe in which countries women prevail men workers. Above all, we also check how many migrants are among the women. That is to say, we take a closer look at the number of women in line type of work.

Female Workers in NIKE Factories

Above all, the total number of workers is 1 023 020. But the number of women workers is 754 258. Though, the number of female workers in line is 500 301. However, the number of female migrant workers stands is 32 984.

Moreover, Georgia has the largest share of women workers in NIKE factories. It is 96%! Then, there is Moldavia with 93% share! After that, there is South Africa with 92% of workers that are women. Then, Croatia has 89% share. Therefore, there is Jordan with 78% share of women employees.

You can find full visualization is accessible under Tableau Public profile.

Take a look at embedded visualization on Tableau Public:

Visualization Credits:

  • Data source: NIKE &
  • Originally visualization was prepared for #MakeOverMonday event
  • Tools: Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep.

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