Data Science Summit 2019 – What We Learned, What We Enjoyed!

Hexe Data’s team perspective on the 3rd edition of the largest Data Science event in CEE!

On Friday, June 14th we have been to Data Science Summit 2019, which was held in the buildings of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science and the Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology. The three of us – Karolina, Natalia and Krzysztof – attended various, different lectures that were divided into 10 parallel thematic tracks, addressing the entire scope of data science.

Different Views on One Event

We have followed diverse paths and attended different lectures that covered topics we were most interested in. Beside many interesting curiosities, like the one that every day humanity produces about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data and that in 2025 we will be producing 10 times more, or that “data scientist is the most sexy job position at the moment”, we have learned a lot! Each of us will share their thoughts on a couple of the speeches we attended. So let’s begin!

Karolina’s Thoughts on DSS 2019

I found the Data Science Summit conference very interesting. There were many appealing topics to choose from. I had the opportunity to attend lectures of specialists in the fields of Business Intelligence, Web Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Mining and others. They shared with us some valuable tips regarding their everyday work with data. They presented the tricks they use with their tools and different ways they approach solving various types of challenges.

The Weight of a Monkey’s Tail

I kept in mind two speeches that especially stood out for me. The first one was led by Adam Harasimowicz and Wojciech Włodarczyk – data scientists at Webinterpret. By involving the audience to guess the weight of a monkey’s tail, they provided us with an impressive case study of a product weight estimation for e-commerce shipping. In an accessible way, they showed us their process of project development  – the use of graph methods, classification and regression with deep learning. They shared a great example of how to build great solutions with the use of innovative ideas, while combining fun with knowledge.

Usage of Natural Language Processing

The second lecture, conducted by Krzysztof Rajda, Manager at Brand24, focused on the field of Natural Language Processing. He talked about one of their projects, involving the processing of social media texts and their sentimental analysis. He shared some thoughts about the process of its development and presented the next steps of the project. What caught my attention the most was the creation of their own dictionaries or the utilization of already available data sets and then testing of algorithms such as VADER and LASER. The thing that really surprised me was the discussion after the lecture. The audience was extremely active. It asked many questions, the people in it added their comments and shared their valuable experiences. It made the lecture very interesting and will definitely remain in the memories of most participants.

data science summit

Speeches Natalia Enjoyed

I really enjoyed the speech that gave Mikołaj Niziński, Head of Data and Programmatic, and Katarzyna Wrona, Business Analyst at Justtag. They talked about what happens when your customers visit your competitors’ shops. The speech showcased how the mobile offline data can be used as a source of the customer’s journey prediction. Their company uses the technology embedded in the mobile apps on users’ mobile devices, which seeks out wifi connections. Thanks to that, they can target programmatic ads to users that visited offline stores of either their, or their competitors’ brands.

Triumph Case Study

Mikołaj and Katarzyna presented Triumph brand case study. They showed great results of segmentation of the target groups divided into the customers who visited their shop once, more than once (43% of people return to the shop in 2 months after the first visit) or visited shop once and then visited the competitor’s shop. They were also able to get to know their clients other preferences, e.g., turns out that Triumph customers also visit Douglas on regular basis. Due to the precisely targeted ads they were able to increase CTR of their online sales.

How AI Can Help Marketers

The second speech that I liked the most led Adam Słucki, AI Researcher at Tooploox. His presentation, called “Marketing optimization in social media using AI tools” was really interesting. He showed us on a real-life example, how they helped one of their clients with video optimization. First, they used AI solutions to find connections between categories of topics related to the video content their client wanted to prepare, and later used their findings to create content that resonated best with their target audience. For example, they found out that users who are into health and healthy lifestyle also adore pets. So the combination of these topics can broaden the targeted audience and generate higher engagement rates. Just take a look at the example Adam presented that combines those two! 😉

The whole speech was really entertaining and showed how AI can help marketers at their everyday work.

What Krzysztof Has Thought About the DSS 2019

I am always pleasantly surprised by how many people and companies currently work in the data industry or use data in an advanced way. A variety of companies of various sizes – from small to large corporations, from different industries, producing diverse products and services. All of them have one thing in common: a deep interest and focus on data analysis in their everyday work. You can see that Data Analytics can be used by all industries and kinds of people.

I enjoyed the variety of subjects covered during the event. It was great that there were presentations strictly about the mathematical aspects of data analysis. But also some other ones that told the story of data visualization and how to efficiently present it to business executives. As a result, we could see the whole process of working with data, from collecting and preparing it, through analysis, visualizations and insights.

One Small Drawback

However, one small thing that bothered me, was that sometimes the speeches missed the most important goal of our work… Which is the creation of business insights and their value for a client. It is really crucial to remember that we work in data science industry to benefit our clients, so that they can thrive with their businesses. Without delivering the right value for the business or value for the society, our work just doesn’t have much worth.

All Aspects of Data Science

This year’s summit covered many different aspects of work in data science, such as:

1. Machine Learning, Data Mining & Exploration in areas such as:

  • Natural Language Processing / Text mining
  • Computer Vision
  • Anomaly detection / Predictive maintenance
  • IoT, sensory data, quantified self
  • Time series / stream data / on-line learning
  • Spatial analysis / maps / geomarketing
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Recommendation systems
  • Segmentation
  • Network analysis
  • Blockchain analytics
  • Survival Analysis
  • Market research / surveys
  • Risk management
  • Pricing

2. Analysis / Statistics in information science

3. Visualization / Business Intelligence / Reporting, Dashboards…

4. Data warehouses (generic, in-memory) / Data integration, Databases

5. Big Data, Real Time Data Processing

6. Programming in data area (including R, Python)

7. Cloud: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud…

8. Trends and innovations.

Data Science Summit 2019 – to Sum Up

To sum up, we really enjoyed the event and the diversity of the topics and speeches. It was outstanding. Many areas were covered. We learned a lot, got to know new ideas, solutions and approaches. It was a great opportunity to connect with others from the industry. Probably, there were some aspects that could be organized better, but we understand that the organization of an event is always a huge challenge. Anyway, we will definitely participate in the next edition of Data Science Summit! And we recommend it to everyone who is interested in data industry!