Calculated Metrics And Segmentation in Adobe Analytics

Calculated Metrics and segmentation tools in Adobe Analytics offer a highly flexible way of building, managing and curating metrics. As a result, they allow you to ask questions of the data without having to change your Adobe Analytics implementation. Above all, it can be useful in everyday work for marketers, product managers and analysts.

Adobe Analytics is web analytics service. Therefore, we can use it in the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

Calculated Metrics And Segmentation in Adobe Analytics

Thanks to this feature, you can perform activities listed below:
  • Create metrics across Analysis Workspace, Reports & Analytics, Ad Hoc Analysis, Report Builder, Anomaly Detection, Contribution Analysis.
  • Create segmented metrics that are derived at report run time, without having to change the implementation. Then, you can view historical data because they are based on segments.
  • Share metrics across report suites. Moreover, this means that all newly created metrics apply to all reports suites in the same login company.
  • Utilize metrics created in Ad Hoc Analysis in the other Analytics tools and vice versa.
  • (Advanced Calculated Metrics only) Segment on metrics. For example, you can create a metric for “New visitors”, with a count of people for whom this is the first session.

Video from official Adobe Analytics channels shows how you can leverage benefits from segments and calculated metrics in Adobe Analytics.

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