Analytics Intelligence. Talk with Google Analytics

In the Google Analytics interface you can now use new tool – the interface of the Analytics Intelligence function.

Analytics Intelligence allows you to ask simple questions about numerical and qualitative data related to the collected data within your application or website.

Questions You Can Ask Analytics Intelligence

Questions must be asked in English and can not be submitted. E.g:

  • “How many users did we get yesterday?”
  • “Where is my traffic coming from?”
  • “How many new users did we get last week on mobile?”
  • “Which channel converted the best for [Goal X]?”
  • “Which landing pages with over 500 sessions have the worst bounce rates?”
  • “Trend of new users this month?”
  • “Graph of sessions from Chicago vs Seattle in December?”
  • “Percent of Direct traffic over time?”
  • “Conversion rate for referrals vs organic search?”
  • “Average time on page for mobile vs desktop?”
  • “How many [EventAction] did we have in February vs January?”
  • “Share of sessions by browser?”
  • “What percent of sessions in the U.S. are from social? “
  • “What share of sessions are from women?”
  • “How did people compare in January for Firefox vs. Chrome?”
  • “Trend of new users this year vs last year.”

Analytics Intelligence is not a function that will change the way you use Google Analytics, nor is it a function that catches the attention of users. For now. This is a sign of what to expect in the future.

Analytics becomes not a collection of tables and charts, but an interface to discuss data and show exactly what data the user needs at the moment. All you have to do is ask a question … For now very simplified, but soon, certainly more complicated and individualized.

At the end, let’s see a video presentation:

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