Adobe Analytics – July 2017 Product Update on Rich Text Editor

News introduced in the July update of the Adobe Analytics package – Rich Text Editor!

Check out new features that allow analysts and marketers to apply editing to text visualizations (or descriptions) in Analysis Workspace: Bold, Italics, Headings, Hyper links, and more.

Above all, the Rich Text Editor is a basic building block for inputting textual content into AEM. Therefore, it forms the basis of various components, including:


  • Text
  • Text Image
  • Table.

Basic Character Formats in new Rich Text Editor

Moreover, you can apply formatting to characters you have selected (highlighted). Some options also have short-cut keys:


  • Bold (Ctrl-B)
  • Italic (Ctrl-I)
  • Underline (Ctrl-U)
  • Subscript
  • Superscript.

In addition, the standard functions of Cut and Copy are available. Consequently, several flavors of Paste are provided to cater for differing formats.


  • Cut (Ctrl-X)
  • Copy (Ctrl-C)
  • Paste
    This is the default paste mechanism (Ctrl-V) for the component; when installed out-of-the-box this is configured to be “Paste from Word”.
  • Paste as Text
    Strips all styles and formatting to paste only the plain text.
  • Paste from Word
    This pastes the content as HTML (with some necessary reformatting).

As you can see, new update by Adobe Analytics can make your work a lot easier! Therefore, we invite you to see the official Adobe Analytics video update.

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