Adobe Analytics – August 2017 Update on Calculated Metric Builder

Dimensions are now available in the Calculated Metric Builder. Thanks to August update we can now enjoy them!

They can be added to any calculated metric formula to create an internal segment on the fly. In addition, this feature streamlines the workflow for creating & using segments within calculated metrics.

The Calculated Metrics Builder provides a canvas to drag and drop Dimensions, Metrics, Segments, and Functions. As a result, you can create custom metrics based on container hierarchy logic, rules, and operators. Consequently, thanks to this integrated development tool you can build and save simple calculated metrics or complex advanced calculated metrics. So, it is easier than you think!

Therefore, with segments in Adobe Analytics you can identify subsets of visitors based on characteristics or website interactions. Segments are designed as codified audience insights that you can build for your specific needs. Then, you can verify, edit, and share them with other team members or use in other Adobe products and Analytics capabilities. So, it is that easy! Now, you have an idea how to use it at everyday work! Above all, thanks to that work of data analyst is just easier!

Adobe Video – Calculated Metric Builder

We invite you to watch the official Adobe video announcement about using dimensions in Calculated Metric Builder. Take a look:

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